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Ultimate Dreams Shredded Gel Memory Foam High Profile Pillow

Ultimate Dreams Shredded Gel Memory Foam High Profile Pillow

The Ultimate Dreams Shredded Memory foam pillow will give you all the benefits of a standard memory foam pillow without the extra heat. Memory foam pillows will mold to your head and neck creating a unique comfort every time you lay on it. The Ultimate Dreams Shredded Memory Foam Pillow will offer unmatched comfort and support for a fraction of the price of a conventional memory foam pillow.

  • Luxurious Feel, Naturally resilient
  • Immediately conforms to contours of head,neck and spine for optimal orthopedic support
  • Eliminates pinches and pains that interrupt a good night’s sleep
  • Gel Memory Foam Sleeps 33% cooler!
  • Will not bunch, flatten or sag

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What customers say about Ultimate Dreams Shredded Gel Memory Foam High Profile Pillow?

  1. 99 of 105 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Money Well Spent On A Pillow That Let’s Me Sleep Pain Free, May 9, 2013
    P. Smith (Northwest) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    November 17, 2014: I wanted to come back and update my review for anyone thinking about buying one of these pillows. Don’t hesitate to buy the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. After a year and a half of daily use I consider this pillow one of my top purchases for 2013. I throw it in the dryer on medium heat to “fluff” it up once a month or so and that’s it. I’ve never had a problem but I suggest you make sure the seams are secure before putting it in the dryer so the filling doesn’t come out. My “Ultimate Dreams Gel Foam High Profile” pillow is just that…a dream to sleep on and a blessing for my old, degenerating neck. And now to the original review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I have a neck problem which can cause serious pinched nerve pain. I’m talking neck pain that radiates down my arms and across my shoulders that makes it impossible to sleep. Finding a good pillow has been quite a challenge especially on my budget. This pillow has made a tremendous difference in my ability to sleep comfortably through the night. I haven’t had a bad night’s sleep due to neck problems since I got this pillow. In fact I ordered a second pillow so my husband could have one too. Here is my experience from placing the order to sleeping on the pillow.

    These pillows ARE MADE IN THE USA!!!! There is a tag on the pillow that says “ALL NEW MATERIAL” so we’re not talking recyled foam here either.

    The pillow arrived via FedEx very quickly.

    There was NO unpleasent odor you sometimes get when you first open a package containing a new pillow. No airing out needed here.

    The memory foam is in a mesh like casing and then that is inserted in a luxuriously soft zippered case. It was SO soft against the skin that I removed it, washed it, and use it without a pillow case. If it looks like that will cause too much wear to the zippered case over time from washing regularly I’ll start using a pillow case but it’s just so soft I couldn’t bring myself to cover it up…lol.

    Now for fill. I see that a few people have mentioned the pillows could use a little more fill in them. Dreamfoam now has two fills…low profile and high profile. The amount of fill and loft of a pillow is a matter of personal preference. That’s why there are so many different pillows on the market. Personally I’d choose high profile when ordering unless you want a pillow that is a little on the flatter side. Some people like to sleep with two pillows under them. I think the low profile pillow would be great for that. If you like sleeping with just one pillow under your head, I’d personally go with high profile.

    The memory gel foam REALLY does conform to your head and neck and, for me, gives perfect support. It’s much better than a pillow that has “rolls” that fit under your neck. Every neck is different. I don’t like hard, I don’t like my ear to hurt from laying on a rock solid support pillow. This supports firmly but gently, yet it seems to give perfect alignment for my neck. It’s not too firm or hard…just enough firmness to do the job and still provide total all over comfort.

    I had reason to contact the company and found customer service to be first rate. This is a very good company which I highly recommend. If you’re not sure what size or profile you need contact the company. They do their best to assist.

    I’m 67 years old and I’ve been looking for a really comfortable pillow I could afford for over 10 years. I finally found one.


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  2. 52 of 56 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Most comfortable pillow ever!, April 5, 2013
    TosaTat (Milwaukee, WI) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I have purchased so many pillows in the last year. All different brands and fills. At first all pillows seem comfortable, then they get lumpy or flat and very uncomfortable. For the price, this pillow is the best ever! Opened the package, no funny odor like other memory foam pillows. I tested it out with a two hour nap today. It was so comfortable. I woke up with no neck or back pain. So far so good. I will update this review if anything turns up, but I doubt it will. Highly recommend.


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  3. 20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    This is a pillow?, March 3, 2015
    Vinylville (Lubbock, TX) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    My first reaction when removing the two pillows from their packaging… Wow. Unfortunately, it’s not a good “Wow”. I’ll try to remain as objective as possible since this type of product’s purpose is to provide comfort and that alone is subjective in nature.

    My first reaction was due to their appearance and the way they felt in my hands. Two clumps of heavy, dense foam, each in a pillow cover. Their texture and consistency was, as best as I can describe, like wet sand. The pillows were folded in half when packaged. As I unfolded each pillow, the clump turned into two with a 2-3 inch gap of nothing in between. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I took a step back and let the pillows sit for an hour. After an hour, the split clumps were now larger. I looked at the tag and visited the Brooklyn Bedding website, makers of this pillow.

    I used the support chat feature and immediately conversed with a representative. He asked if the pillows has been exposed to the cold. I said yes, the package had been sitting in upper 30 degree temperatures for a few hours. He explained that memory foam needs to return to room temp to restore its form. I informed him it had been an hour since they were brought inside. He quickly discouraged putting the pillows in a no or low heat dryer as I had suggested to help rejuvenate them but was told memory foam is highly flammable. Great. This is comforting to know. I removed the cover and attempted to fluff and separate the pieces from one another. The result is in the pictures. All I could obtain in trying to restore these pillows were numerous clumps of foam. When I again questioned the support team at Brooklyn Bedding, I was told I shouldn’t have done that and I should have been patient and waited a few days. I was in disbelief because these pillows were nearly everything opposite of the product description.

    Luxurious Feel, Naturally resilient – FALSE.
    Immediately conforms to contours of head, neck and spine for optimal orthopedic support – Yeah, and so does a sack of sand.
    Eliminates pinches and pains that interrupt a good night’s sleep – FALSE.
    Gel Memory Foam Sleeps 33% cooler! – Yeah, and a sack of wet sand is cooler too.
    Will not bunch, flatten or sag – FALSE, FALSE and FALSE.

    Trying to give this product a chance, I put them back in their covers and I set them aside overnight. They were the same clumps of mess as the night before. I waited and tried them out later in the day. Again, trying to be objective, I just cannot understand how anyone could find comfort in the pillows delivered to me. These were supposed to be the high profile version. I had to stack them to obtain a reasonable amount of height and try and reduce the gaps between the clumps. They were so uncomfortable.

    Needless to say, these are being returned for a refund.


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