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Taylor Mechanical Rotating Timer

Taylor Mechanical Rotating Timer

The Taylor 5874 timer not only imbues a touch of nostalgia into your home with its large, easy to read analog face, but also boasts some useful features that make it perfect for the modern kitchen. Once the dial is turned to set the desired time, a red indicator displays to visually show how much time is left. To ensure a loud, full alarm ring, turn the dial to “55” and then back to your preferred time. This mechanical timer does not run on batteries, so it can be relied upon day in and day out for repeated, accurate performance. The timer includes a large magnetic back to attach easily and sturdily to your oven or refrigerator. The 5874 has an attractive stainless steel body and black rubberized finish that is both durable and practical for a busy kitchen. The Taylor 5874 is back by a one year limited warranty.

  • Dial displays red countdown indicator when in use to visually show how much time is left
  • Built with magnetic base that makes it easy to position prominently
  • Counts down from 60 minutes
  • Features a large, easy to read analog face
  • Does not run on batteries, so it can be relied upon day in and day out for repeated, accurate performance

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