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Summer Infant 2 Count SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap, Blue Monster, Small

Summer Infant 2 Count SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap, Blue Monster, Small

Wrap baby securely for a safer, better sleep. Extra soft, adjustable wings provide a perfect snug fit even for wiggly babies. Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the startle reflex that can wake up your infant. Designed with leading safe-sleep experts, SwaddleMe is trusted by parents around the globe.

  • Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents startle reflex that can wake up your infant
  • Soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch opens for easy diaper changes
  • Available in preemie, small or large sizes
  • Stage 1: SwaddlePod, Stage 2: SwaddleMe, Stage 3: WrapSack, Stage 4: ComfortMe

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  1. 119 of 122 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good price and size, August 23, 2012

    My two month old is already 14 lbs and has outgrown his small/medium SwaddleMe. I just got the Woodland Friends 2 pack large SwaddleMe blankets and I think they’ll work great. They came one with the woodland friends print and the second as green. The woodland friends swaddle is made out of a different material. It’s not as soft as the green one (hence the 4 stars), but it is cute. As for those who think that the large is too big and gets around their babies’ faces, I wrap the swaddle just below the shoulders, around the arms. I did this with the small/medium, too. It seems to wrap well around my baby and should keep him snug. Check out the photo I’m posting. I’m especially happy with the price since I’m only planning to use these for a month or two until my baby can roll over.

    UPDATE 8/29/12: I’ve also noticed that the woodland friends print swaddle is not the same as the green swaddle. Besides being more rough and less stretchy, the wings of the swaddles are a different length (see picture). With the woodland print, the left wing does not wrap over my baby’s right arm. I’m afraid it makes it a little less snug. That being said, I’m still glad I purchased the item because of the price for how much I’ll use it. It’s also convenient quick to put on, unlike the miracle swaddle.

    The fabric is also lighter than my small/medium yellow cotton knit SwaddleMe I purchased two years ago. I actually like this, since my baby was sweating up a storm in his previous swaddle.

    UPDATE 1/5/13: I guess I have one of those babies that needs to be swaddled for a long time. My baby is 6.5 months and I am now re-ordering this item. After about two months, we started double swaddling the baby to provide extra security so that the velcro would not come undone. But, now the velcro has really faded and and comes undone easily. He is waking himself up a lot because he’s breaking through. There is also a rip in one of the swaddles now. But, I’m very pleased with the usage we got out of these two swaddles. Time to replace them!


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  2. 38 of 40 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Comparison: Miracle Blanket, SwaddleMe, ErgoBaby, May 30, 2015

    We are first time parents and our little one surprised us with colic starting in week 3. She would flail her arms all over the place and make herself inconsolable. After reading the “Happiest Baby on the Block,” we took up swaddling. It made a huge difference and allowed her to focus, eat, and at least we could keep her calm. Desperate for sleep and to avoid the nightly meltdown, I bought several swaddle blankets to try out. Below are the pros and cons of the three most common blankets – I hope this helps someone! Note, our little girl is a major mover. She wriggles, flails, and moves all over the place, so if there is any way to get out of a blanket, she will do it. She also loves to suck on her hands and if they get anywhere near her face, she desperately tries to get them into her mouth (even when she was 3 weeks old, when they don’t go where she wants them to).

    Miracle Blanket (MB):
    – Pros: Most resilient swaddle, easily lasts all night. I wasn’t sure about the arm flaps but when you tuck them beneath the baby’s back, they are not going anywhere. This is best if you want to keep your baby’s arms straight down (recommended in Happiest Baby) – this worked best for us when she was super fussy and having a crying fit. One size fits all. Although you wrap the end around the baby several times, the fabric is thin and fine for warm climates.
    – Cons: Night time diaper changes are challenging. With some finesse you can get the baby’s legs out without fully unwrapping them – but it’s not easy. Of the three blankets, this has the most steps required to wrap baby.
    – Summary: truly a baby straightjacket. This one wraps her up and she cannot get out of it. Keeps her arms down and away from her face so that they cannot distract/frustrate her. #1 choice for when she is super fussy.

    – Pros: Easy to wrap baby. Velcro keeps the blanket together. Night time diaper changes are somewhat easier because the bottom section can be unvelcro-ed. Still a lightweight fabric, less layers than the MB.
    – Cons: not as secure as the MB. Our baby is on the small side and despite pulling the blanket tight and the velcro, she can work her arms free and get them up to her face – where they frustrate her and the crying starts again. Other con – velcro is noisy and tended to wake her up at night, so discreet diaper changes didn’t happen.
    – Summary: good for mild babies or as a loose blanket alternative but not a tight swaddle to stop fussy babies. I liked this one the least.
    – Note, we also tried the swaddle me pods (they look like peanuts and have just one zipper) for newborns and she hated being zipped into it. Her arms were free to move around and get near her face and it didn’t work at all.

    – Pros: Super easy to get baby into. Arm pockets are nice and secure. Bottom section pulls down for easy diaper changes. Least amount of fabric because the bottom section is loose and allows air to circulate – good for warm climates.
    – Cons: Because the arms are folded up across the chest, baby can still gnaw on her hands, which means distraction/frustration. I often woke up to find her crying and trying to suck on her hands through the fabric – all while still being asleep. Shortest design, meaning baby quickly outgrows. Lower velcro section is designed to keep their legs in a “frog position.” Our girl loves to move her legs so I just didn’t velcro this piece and it worked just fine.
    – Summary: #2 choice for when she is super fussy, #1 choice for mild fussiness or for generic use because of the ease of putting her into it, she can have her arms near her face, and ease of diaper changes.

    We alternate between the MB and the Ergo Baby when she is fussy. If she is having a good day, we swaddle her in a blanket and let her kick out of it if she wants.


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  3. 17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome, no-fail swaddling, June 30, 2015
    Rhythmixoul (North Hollywood, CA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Ya know, for a first time Mom I sure was over confident about swaddling. I bought swaddling blankets ONLY with an air of arrogance over my friends who had previously reported how hard it is to “master the swaddle”. Well I was wrong. $115 worth of muslin swaddle blankets later and here is my kid with all limbs out staring at me from her bassinet. She’s an active one, so we turned to these. THEY WORK WONDERFULLY. In a little 1,2,3 movement you’ve got a swaddled kid. Granted I still hear serious struggling sounds in the middle of the night, nothing more than a hand will be exposed through some random opening, but arms, still swaddled right. The leg area is saggy on purpose so they can kick a bit and grow a little longer. My only wish is that the Velcro was somehow not so loud as it does wake her up when I’m trying to sneak her out of it in the middle of the night for a ninja diaper change.


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