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Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel

Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel

Oster 6844
Versatile blender for chopping, grinding, blending, pureeing, ice-crushing, and more. view larger

Stainless-steel ice-crushing blade
Stainless-steel ice-crushing blade
Stainless-steel blade crushes ice for smooth frozen drinks every time. view larger

6-cup glass jar
6-cup dishwasher-safe Boroclass glass jar can handle extreme temperature changes. view larger

All-metal drive system
Durable all-metal drive system ensures long-lasting reliable performance. view larger

12 speed settings
12 speed settings, including Pulse and Ice Crush. view larger

Great for smoothies
Pulverizes fruit for delicious smoothies.

Purees soup
Purees hot soup–lentil, creamy potato, and more.

Oster 6844 12-Speed Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar

Beautifully housed in metallic red, this stunning 6844 blender by Oster provides way more than good looks. A useful tool for everyday blending, the countertop blender is versatile, easy to use, and designed to inspire.

Heavy-Duty 450-Watt Motor

A true performer, the 6844 blender features a powerful 450-watt motor that can handle light and heavier loads alike. Use it for making hors d’oeuvres like creamy dips, olive tapenade, or fresh homemade salsa. It also makes easy work of pureeing hot soup, chopping onions and green peppers for a pizza, and blending strawberry milk shakes or fruit smoothies. It’s even powerful enough to crush ice.

Stainless-Steel Ice-Crushing Blade

Quickly transform everyday ice cubes into crushed ice thanks to the blender’s stainless-steel ice-crushing blade. A push of the button sets the blade spinning–smooth, delicious daiquiris, margaritas, and other frozen drinks are ready in no time.

In addition to crushing ice, the versatile blender with its sharp blade also functions as a grinder. Use it to grind peanuts, pecans, almonds, and other hard nuts–or to grind coffee beans for a rich, flavorful brew.

All-Metal Drive System for Lasting Durability

Made in North America, the Oster 6844 blender provides the superior quality of an all-metal drive system. The system’s two connecting pieces are made of durable metal–instead of plastic–which means reliable, long-lasting, high-quality performance from one party to the next, year after year.

12 Speed Settings

The Oster 6844 blender features the easily recognizable swirl control panel with user-friendly push-button speed settings. Choose from 12 different speeds. The low speeds include easy clean, puree, cream, chop, whip, and mix. The high speed settings include grate, blend, shred, grind, liquefy, and ice crush. Use the high/low switch to alternate between the low and high speed-setting options. There’s also a “pulse” function for precise blending control and customized results.

6-Cup Glass Jar

Offering a large 6-cup capacity, the scratch-resistant blending jar features Boroclass glass construction that has been thermal-shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes, which means the jar can be pulled from a steamy hot dishwasher and safely used to blend up a frosty cold beverage seconds later.

The glass jar also provides a generous side handle, a drip-free pouring spout, measuring marks up the side, and a lid with a removable filler cap.

Whether hosting an evening soiree with friends, gathering with the family on a Sunday night, or simply catching up with a friend over milkshakes, the easy-to-use 6844 Oster blender makes any moment more memorable.

What’s in the Box

Oster 6844 blender, 6-cup glass jar, user manual

Note: Images shown above may not reflect actual item; images shown are of the Metallic Red model.

  • 700 power watts/450 blending watts
  • Crush Pro 4 Blade uses stainless steel, 4-point design to pulverize and chop with precision
  • All Metal Drive is extra durable for a metal-to-metal connection
  • 12 Speeds from PULSE to PUREE
  • 6-Cup Boroclass Glass Jar is dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • 2-ounce filler cap has built in markings to measure and pour ingredients while blending

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What customers say about Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel?

  1. 349 of 351 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Nice Blender, June 3, 2009
    Corey (TAMPA, FL, United States) –

    BOTTOM LINE SUMMARY: This blender performs at least as well as blenders that cost 2-3 times as much, and it has more specific speed options than the more expensive blenders.

    Before I begin my review, I should start out by saying that I am a bit of a blender snob, and I collect them for fun. My sole purpose in getting this blender was to see how it compared to a KitchenAid (KSB5ER4) and a Cuisinart (BFP-10CH). Also, this is an initial, first-time usage review – I will keep the review updated over time so I can attest for its longevity, consistency, etc.

    That being said, I am very impressed with this blender. It is consistent with the quality that I expect from Oster. It blended the same Strawberry Banana Smoothie that I always make MUCH better than the 7-year old KitchenAid blender that I often use – no chunks whatsoever. I tested the ice crush feature, and it made mince meat out of ice in 2-3 seconds. In fact, I would dare say that it crushes ice perfectly, and faster than any of my other blenders. I also appreciate the Easy Clean feature – a definite bonus. I like the metal drive shaft MUCH better than the plastic teeth on the KitchenAid and Cuisinart – there is no guesswork as far as where/when to place the jar on top of the base; no teeth that could potentially break/wear (note: the teeth have never broken on my KitchenAid or Cuisinart, so I am just speaking about potentialities). The jar is designed for MUCH easier pouring than any other blender I have used. If you are at all concerned with the presentation/appearance of your blending results, this blender certainly delivers.

    Why a 4-star instead of a 5? The plastic collar is much more fragile than other blenders I have used (also, more fragile than other Oster’s that I have seen) – in fact, I haven’t yet figured out how to get the collar off without breaking it. (Revision: I took a closer look at the bottom of the collar, and it has instructions for removing the collar – so, no problem there). 🙂

    The rest of my cons are very nit-picky and may not bother most people. There is no perfect manual, but I found the manual to be overly brief – in fact, I will probably find myself referring to my vintage ’70s Osterizer pamphlets for hints – the manual and blender are largely for people who are already very familiar with blenders.

    If anyone is familiar with the smell of a new blender motor, this blender (along with Cuisinart and Waring blenders) has that new motor smell if you let it run for more than 15 seconds. Personally, this does not bother me, but I have noticed that it makes some people nervous. My initial ice-crush experiment actually produced ice that was infused with the smell, but a few good cleanings should solve that problem.

    The lid is not the best I have ever seen – It does have a removable cap in the center, but it is black and does not have measured lines like the Cuisinart.

    Louder than the KitchenAid, but quieter than the Cuisinart.

    Despite these minor things, I would highly, highly recommend this blender!


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  2. 150 of 157 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice blender, looks good, blends good… but!, March 16, 2010
    Shan SR (Houston, TX) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I bought this blender to mainly make Smoothies from frozen fruits. In that it does an excellent job, the smoothies come out nice and consistent without lumps (like my old blender used to do).

    Aesthetics: The blender looks much better than what I expected. It looks well built and the glass Jar looks STURDY! It stays on the counter top because it looks very good.

    Cleaning: Very easy to clean, bottom assembly comes apart easily and its easy to reassemble.

    Now the issue: After two days of use I noticed something that I didn’t expect in a blender. Rust! I was quite surprised to find rust in the blade. Not in the edges, but what looks like a rivet that holds the blades together. I also notices some (not much) burning smell during the first two uses. I am not much worried about the smell, this I expect to go away. But the rust isn’t something to ignore.

    I was going to return it to Amazon, but decided to call Oster first. Their rep indicated that rusting could indicate a defect and they will replace the blade (sending one via mail in 7 to 10 days). I am keeping the blender and will update once i get the new blade and give it a spin.


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  3. 190 of 207 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    absolute junk..here’s my story, February 9, 2011
    Serious Black (Portland, OR USA) –

    This review is from: Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel (Kitchen)
    Based on the other reviews for this product, I felt this would be an economical and well performing blender. It has only led to disappointment and frustration for me.
    I bought this blender at the store. The next day, I used it to blend batches of pumpkin soup. I have plenty of experience with Oster blenders, having owned the beehive model for several years. Yet I could not get the jar to sit securely on the motor base. It always seemed to have some wobble to it. I blended my soup, but somehow it didn’t sound quite right to me, and there was a slight burning smell when it ran. Upon inspection I found that the drive shaft could be moved back and forth with my fingers. Looking through the vent at the bottom, I could see the whole motor was moving back and forth as I did this. About a 1/4 inch!
    I had already registered the warranty online, so I sent an e-mail to the company asking about this issue. It took two days to hear back from them, so in the meantime I returned the blender to the store. While there I decided to check the other blenders to see if I should just exchange it. I opened every single Oster blender box out on the shelves, including the beehive thinking maybe I should just pay the additional $20 and get another of those. They ALL had loose drive-shafts! Some were better than the 1/4 inch of play, but none were secure and tight like a power-motor shaft should be.
    I heard from Jarden (the parent company) a couple days later saying nothing about the issue, only that they were sending me a new unit and I would be messaged when it was sent. It took them a week to post the replacement to me.
    When I finally got it, you can guess the first thing I did. This one had even more play! The motor literally rattled around in the base. I thought “that’s it! I need to know what the problem with these things is!” and checked it out.
    Being a power equipment mechanic myself, I was quickly able to ascertain the most likely reason. It seems as though there is a piece missing. I don’t know whether it was overlooked in engineering the product or during the assembly process. The only thing securing the motor in the base is a pair of buffers on either side, held in place by the two halves of the base housing, which aren’t held very secure at that. There logically should be some type of buffer securing the top where the drive shaft exits the top of the housing. That is where the play is allowing the shaft to move back and forth, and therefore the whole motor moves back and forth.
    I wrote Jarden back, and tactfully explained all that. Two days later I got another vague reply explaining that..”In general our products are very well made and our problems are few and far between.” and stating..”We apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate your business and are happy to help if you have any further questions.” Help me what? Frustrating is an understatement. I’m very disappointed in Oster.
    It used to be that Oster was possibly the best name in blenders. Do yourself a favor, and buy another brand. Maybe they’ll figure out that they need to stop cutting corners.


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