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LexMod Eaze Lounge Chair in Black Leather and Palisander Wood

LexMod Eaze Lounge Chair in Black Leather and Palisander Wood

The Lounge Chair is widely considered one of the most significant designs of the 20th century. It was designed to create a club chair using the molded plywood technology that was pioneered in the ’40s. The vision was a chair with the “warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.” The result has become the consummate lounge set, timelessly blending old-fashioned comfort and visionary modernism. Pairing soft, inviting leather with the sleek form of molded plywood, the seat is balanced on a five-star, die-cast steel base.

  • Plywood frame; leather upholstery; foam padding; die-cast steel braces and stainless steel glides.
  • 7-ply laminated veneer in palisander.
  • The seat, backrest shells and armrests are joined using aluminum
  • Five-star swiveling base

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What customers say about LexMod Eaze Lounge Chair in Black Leather and Palisander Wood?

  1. 234 of 234 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Decent replica, though not quite the same scale as the original. I returned mine., March 13, 2014
    Hemant Kataria (Seattle, WA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LexMod Eaze Lounge Chair in Black Leather and Palisander Wood (Kitchen)
    Update : See photos that I’ve posted of this Lexmod replica chair vs another replica for the Eames chair.

    After reading all the reviews here and being confident that people were relatively happy with this Lexmod replica chair I purchased it for my apartment. The things that swayed me were

    1. Cheaper price that most other replicas I found online
    2. I’m an Amazon Prime member, so I could get this big chair and ottoman shipped to me for free.

    Unfortunately I didn’t quite receive the chair in 2 days, but that was ok since I was decently happy with it when it arrived. The packing material was kinda cheap, but I wasn’t expecting anything grand for this price point. The chair and ottoman had bases which were not attached but could be attached in a couple of minutes with the tool they provided.

    Having never seen an original Eames chair in person I imagined this replica to be exactly similar to the original chair but maybe with cheaper leather and a lower price (I still can’t fathom paying $5K for a chair but thats another story)

    After having this chair for a couple of weeks and sitting in it daily the things that started bothering me were that, everytime you sat down the base would shrink a bit and the button on the base would come loose and stick to my jeans when I stood up again. It was irritating and I could imagine that button eventually breaking off.

    I also never really liked the leather that this chair had. It always felt really cheap and plasticky and after paying almost $800 for a chair it just never felt worth it. I kept thinking about how someone in China made this replica for less than a 100 bucks and was getting people to pay a premium for something that just wasn’t worth $800.
    So after 3 weeks of owning this chair I decided to research some more and bite the bullet and paid for a better replica with Aniline leather (available online and maybe even on Amazon). It was almost twice the price of this chair but I wanted to see how different it was from this. If nothing else I was going to take the hit and return the 2nd replica.

    Once I got the 2nd replica, it wasn’t even funny how different the 2 chairs were. The dimensions on the Lexmod chair were all off. The angle was wrong the height of back was higher and the leather just really paled in comparison to the nicer replica. I just couldnt justify keeping the Lexmod replica and returned it to Amazon today.

    I took a few pictures and posted it on this page, so you guys can make up your own mind. To basically sum up the chair, here are the pros and cons that I saw after owning this chair for 3 weeks and then returning it to Amazon


    1. Cheapest Eames replica available
    2. If you have Amazon prime, this chair will ship for free
    3. Fairly comfortable. I never felt like couldnt totally veg out on this chair for hours
    4. Higher back for taller people (not true to the original dimensions, but possibly if you’re tall you might like this better)


    1. Really cheap leather (almost feels like vinyl)
    2. Once you sit on the chair the padding softens and the buttons on the chair become loose. Eventually they will break off
    3. Not true to the original dimensions. I compared the dimensions from Herman Miller after I had had this chair for 3 weeks
    4. Compared to a better replica with real aniline leather, this Lexmod replica looks really poor. I had both this chair and a nicer replica for a couple of days everyone who saw it said what the hell is the Lexmod chair doing there. It looks really bad and cheaply made. No one said that when I had the chair for 3 weeks on its own. It didnt look so out of place on its own, but with a nicer replica next to it, it really looks like a cheap imitation.

    Thats my story. I’ve had to eat up the return shipping cost of the Lexmod chair to Amazon (about $70), but I’m happy with my decision to keep the nicer replica and not keep the Lexmod chair. I posted this review for other people like me who might be able to spend twice the amount of this chair for something better and dont want to make the same mistake.


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  2. 203 of 205 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Eames on a budget, September 29, 2011

    This review is from: LexMod Eaze Lounge Chair in Black Leather and Palisander Wood (Kitchen)
    I recently bought this item after much agonizing. Of course I would prefer the original, authentic Herman Miller product. Who wouldn’t? But cough up $4000 for a chair? Who would? Especially with reproductions like this one available.

    I read many of the reviews before purchasing, which is why I am writing this one. I want to add my endorsement for those who, like me, were on the fence. I know quite a lot about Eames design. I have several authentic period items, and I love them. The Lounge Chair would be the jewel in the crown. But again – $4000? I submit that no chair is worth that.

    But this chair is worth $700 – $800. So if you want it, buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

    The chair arrived quickly, in a large re-inforced box. Yes, the box was beat up from the journey, but the 2 pieces of the chair and the ottoman were both carefully wrapped in bubble stuff and were undamaged. There were no instructions (or any paperwork at all) in the box – Chinese translations are rarely intelligible anyway. Pictures would have been nice.

    But assembly was simple – four bolts to fasten the chair to its base. That’s it. And yes, be sure to put it on correctly, as one reviewer apparently did not. Look at the picture!

    The design and materials are virtually indestinquishable from the original, with the following exceptions:

    1. The finish on the plywood is good, but a bit rough in some areas. This is only noticeable to the touch, and it’s not dramatic.

    2. The leather is good quality, but not as high-end as on the Herman Miller version. This should be obvious from the photos. No surprise to me. I like the “matte” leather anyway.

    One warning – the seating position, though the same as the original, will not suit everyone, especially “large” people or people with joint issues. It’s about the same getting in and out of this chair as getting in and out of a sports car – not for the weak-kneed. But once in the chair (like the sports car), it’s a great experience. Very comfortable and ergonomic. Everyone says so after getting used to the position. Think dentist chair (but not dentistry, ouch). Also, the chair is not “plush”. The padding is ample but firm. Again, this is fine with me because the positioning is correct, and the firmness means it won’t ‘break down’ too quickly and look old. I’ve had it about two months and there are no new creases in the leather – looks like new.

    Okay, so my two cents. Looks like right now the chair is out of stock. Get on the list if you want one, it’s well worth the price to own a (fake) classic while hanging onto your (real) money.


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  3. 124 of 132 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Flawless, May 25, 2011
    Earl Ax

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LexMod Eaze Lounge Chair in Black Leather and Palisander Wood (Kitchen)
    I was very skeptical, I admit. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I can’t find a single flaw.

    The leather is very, very nice. The wood is gorgeous. The base is solid. The design, well, there’s a reason why this is a “classic” design, right? This chair is ultra comfortable. I have compared all the close-up photos of the original chair from its manufacturer’s website and I cannot distinguish my chair from the original designer (which costs about 9x more).

    I was nervous due to the lack of reviews, so I read all the feedback for Lexginton Modern and there are several positive comments from people who ordered this chair. One person’s comment indicated it wasn’t very reclined, but I think they put the base on backwards (an easy mistake).

    The packing job was great. I was a bit concerned when the box arrived with some punctures and tears, but the contents were packed with love — and by love I mean bubble-wrap, and lots of it. I was also a little concerned about the shipping cost, but the care and speed (it arrived in four business days) made me feel it was justified. There were no assembly instructions, but it took four screws with an allen wrench (included) to put the chair on the base, and the ottoman drops into its base. Assembly took about twenty minutes, including packing clean-up.

    My hat is off to Lexington Modern for making a classic work of modern furniture art available at a price I can justify, and without compromising on quality, workmanship, packing.

    —– 24 month update ——

    I’m sitting in the chair now. I’ve scratched the plywood in one place (moving house) and really broken in the leather. It is starting to get that broken-in shiny look that the old original Eames’ get. I have had one problem, though. One of the buttons on the seat caught on the pocket of my jeans and came off. I found some videos online of people repairing similar issues with Eames chairs and decided to tackle it myself. I learned these chairs are built quite a bit differently from the Eames inside. Mostly, the construction is simplified. Not in ways that will wear poorly or shorten the lifespan of the chair. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.


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