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KitchenIQ 50484 Ginger Grater Tool

KitchenIQ 50484 Ginger Grater Tool

Ginger is an aromatic herb shown to have a number of health properties: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune boosting properties, the list goes on and on. Adding more ginger in your diet has never been easier than with the Kitchen IQ Grate Ginger Tool. This 4 in 1 tool features a built-in peeling spoon to quickly and easily peel the skin from the root. The double-sided non-stick stainless steel blade features one side for grating and one side for slicing. It features a proprietary squeegee to run along the back of the grater blade to remove wet grated ginger, ensuring you use every piece, while the blade cover doubles as a juice extractor by squeezing fresh ginger juice. Add ginger to recipes, stir-fries, beverages and smoothies. Also great for garlic and other aromatic herbs/spices like daikon and horseradish. Top rack dishwasher safe. Only from KitchenIQ. Innovation. Quality. Smart.

  • Compact, 4-in-1 tool for peeling, slicing, grating and juicing fresh ginger
  • Non-stick stainless steel coated v-etched blade slices thin slices of ginger; use grating side to create ginger paste; spoon tool peels ginger skin
  • Dual-sided container to capture ginger; proprietary technology squeegee to remove wet grated ginger from blade
  • The protective blade cover doubles as a juice extractor-squeezing fresh ginger juice for marinades, drinks or dressings
  • Use to reap the health benefits of adding ginger to your diet; ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and boost immune systems

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