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Comfort Research 7-Foot XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Blue Sky

Comfort Research 7-Foot XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Blue Sky

This is the chair that brought bean bags out of the 1970s and into the bedrooms and dorm rooms all over the world. The first one to use patented memory foam, the Fuf is one-of-a-kind. Spend five minutes on a Fuf and your body will thank you for it.

  • Filled with super soft and long lasting fuf foam re-fuf again and again for custom comfort
  • Covered in soft, durable fabric
  • Great for basements, bedrooms, dorm rooms, or even the family room
  • Place it on its side for more of a lounge position or upright for more back support
  • Available in assorted sizes and colors

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What customers say about Comfort Research 7-Foot XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Blue Sky?

  1. 932 of 975 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Please READ THIS FIRST BEFORE BUYING! And see the pics of what’s inside the bag. You won’t believe it!!!!! NOT MEMORY FOAM!!, December 11, 2014

    I got it in, opened the box and removed the compressed cube to let it expand. After a day it had grown to near full size and after a few days I sat in it. I immediately noticed the feel of chunks of foam inside the bag. Not the smooth feeling I was expecting. I gave it a chance anyways. Well, after 2 nights of sitting in it I knew I was not going to like this and had made a mistake because I knew Amazon would take it back but how was I going to ship this thing back now that it had expanded into a gigantic bag? I didn’t have a machine to compress it into a cube again.

    So I got on Amazon.com and chatted with customer service. He immediately said I can return it and he would process a return label. I immediately asked how was I to ship it back since it was huge now. He said that I can compress it back down and put it in a box to return. I said I don’t have anything to put it in to compress it down like the company did. So I asked if I could dump the garbage out of it and return the bag itself and he said yes I could. GREAT!!! Problem solved! This is going back.

    PLEASE look at my pics I’m including to see the unbelievable junk inside this bag! It’s literally chopped up recycled pieces of foam and some pieces are fairly hard chunks like the black ones in the pic. And notice the thin white pieces. They are like Styrofoam take-out plates from a restaurant!!! THIS DOES NOT CONTAIN MEMORY FOAM!!!! I REPEAT, NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE OF MEMORY FOAM COULD BE FOUND INSIDE THIS BAG! It’s scraps from what looks like carpet and upholstery places!!! I wouldn’t post this if it were not so unbelievable.

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  2. 241 of 256 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Huge Hit and Exactly As Described, January 13, 2013
    BFS (United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Based on the few reviews, I was a little worried about making this purchase. But I ordered the last 7-Foot Fuf that Amazon had in stock on a Tuesday and received it 3 days later on Friday afternoon. I went with the Sierra Red since it was the only one in stock and was right under the 200 dollar mark. The color looks fine in our media room.

    The chair was shoved into a really long box, like 3 boxes taped together. But it was fully enclosed and protected from the elements. A little of the tape used for packaging did get on the fabric itself, but a rag with a little warm water got the sticky right off and it was only in two little places on the huge chair. And since it was already pretty large and un-vacuum sealed, it didn’t have any odor at all that I saw mentioned in a few reviews on the 6-foot chair.

    It has taken 3 days for the chair to grow into a gigantic size (not sure if it’s done yet or not), but we’ve used it since day one. Two regular sized women and a skinny friend all fit on this chair without touching while we watched a movie the Friday night it was delivered. We were all sitting in a reclined position, so it was being used like three recliners side by side that just happened to be close to the floor.

    On Saturday, two pretty large men used the chair to play video games and they had plenty of room without touching to sit. When one of them decided to sprall out, he took over the entire chair and used it as a bed pretty much.

    My main point is that it truly is huge. But it is a beanbag chair, so it naturally seems to stay in a huge ball sort of shape, not the couch-like one in the picture. Doesn’t matter to us since we force it into whatever position we want it, but that was the only surprise so far. Also, I am a 5’2″ 30-year-old lady myself with medium body strength and can man-handle this thing to wherever I want it. So it’s big but still manageable.

    We had about 15-20 people over for a potluck that Saturday night it was used for video games, and at least 10 people flopped on it on and off over the evening. They all liked it a lot. Two or three people flat out loved it so much that they wanted to buy one when they get home. One friend has decided she wants one in several rooms of her house.

    Overall, I am on Day 3 of ownership since I am writing this review Sunday afternoon, and I am super happy. I will update this a few months down to road. Good luck!

    UPDATE: It’s now March 2013 and we are still loving our Fuf. 🙂 Two months in and no rips or tears, flopped on daily by 30 year old kids (yeah, that’s us…jumping on it from a few feet out like a big pile of leaves…), and even our Pug and Dachshund jump onto it to sit with us with no problems. Our potluck friends jump on this thing every week too. The seam along the side is still holding up, but I will keep an eye on it based on the other reviews. We’ve even used it as a guest bed 3 times. It isn’t super supportive like a mattress, but it is a cushy bean bag chair. If you need more support, they do sell the filling separately so you can beef it up a bit. I like being surrounded by my big red tomato of Fuf, so we are probably not going to add any more filling unless it gets too flat with time. I just need it to be comfortable and keep my butt off the floor.

    UPDATE: It’s now December 2015 and this was an excellent purchase. Still my favorite sitting spot in the media room and we’ve bought 4 media recliners in the last year. This is simple more comfortable for me. It’s the only sitting place upstairs that people call dibs on. Two adults easily share it without touching and 3 adults fit but you have to like each other. 😉 It’s held up through the past few years with no problems. I’m impressed and would buy this again.

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  3. 397 of 433 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    HUGE! Beware of the SIZE you order!!! KIDS LOVE THEM!!!, June 5, 2013
    K. McDowell (United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Prepare for a GIGGLE or TWO…. I ordered TWO of these…. XXL no problem I thought. I’ve seen beanbags in other stores that said they were XL or XXL… So these just look like those but maybe a little bigger once they fluff up…. NOPE not these!
    We have a decent size game room/tv room and thought these would work perfect in there from all the reviews I was reading so I measured the spaces I wanted to fit something up to 7 ft….

    I had the space so I pushed the submit button and ordered! A few days later, I got a text on my phone from UPS ( I have that service I do a lot of online ordering!) that said they were delivering the Amazon order today…. OK no problem so I vaccumed the room so when they arrived I could get them plumping….

    Ready for your laugh?

    My regular UPS driver whom is a woman and usually in a great mood — rang the doorbell…. She had driven all the way up my driveway by the garage. ( It opens to the left side of my home )…She normally only does this with extremely LARGE or HEAVY boxes so we can slide them in the garage and I can get help opening them or moving the items where I want in the house. Needless to say, she didn’t look like a happy camper today and said, “Come On”…

    When we got to her truck and she opened the back door…. Wait for it,,, Wait for it…
    One of the boxes had opened up and this thing had already exploded in her truck to its FULL SIZE….blocking EVERYTHING in its path and was expanding into the shelves and wedged itself in there….. LOL OMG…

    She got in her truck… Climbed OVER the beanbag and said PULL…. We pulled and pushed for what seemed like 30 to 45 mins getting this sucker out of her truck…. Now you do realize how LARGE those BROWN UPS TRUCK ARE RIGHT? Just imagine one of these things all PUFFED up in her truck with all her other packages…. I could not help but laugh and I pee’d my pants… REALLY!!! It was the funniest thing you ever had seen. If one of my girls was home we surely would have made a YouTube video of this process.

    Ok once we got the bag out and pushed it on the driveway…. She rolled the other HUGE box out and said… PLEASE don’t order anything like that again…. laughed and drove off..

    Now I had to get this sucker in the house by myself… No one else was home… How was I going to do this… Yes I have a doorway from inside my garage into the house, so I backed my car out and pulled and shoved and pulled that bag to the door… I went around the front to come in through the house and open that door to the garage…. and its HEAVY people even out of the box this thing is heavy… I looked at this exploded item blocking the door thinking there is no way I’m going to get this in the door.

    I pulled and squeeezed and squished and I almost had it a 1/4 way in and it just got STUCK…. it filled the entire doorway… it was not coming in anymore… so I left it there… LOL Waited for help to arrive. Late that evening my son came home from college and I called him to come over as me and my girls just could not get it through the door and he pushed and jumped on it and we did this for about an hour when finally it came on it…. We slide it around corners and into the game room/ tv room which thank goodness does not have a doorway only a huge opening to it… and put it is the space I wanted it to go…

    OMG… what I thought was a NO PROBLEM SPACE… it took up the entire wall…….. it is HUGE…. very comfy and the kids love it but it is massive people…. I still have the other one still in its box and we have tapped the crap out of it so it won’t pop open.
    I have NO IDEA what I’m going to do with it…. there is NO way my UPS driver will be coming back to pick it up… I know she won’t so a return is out of the question…. I guess I can sell it on CraigsList if I decide not to keep it or maybe I can give it as a gift to someone who I really don’t like… LOL

    As for the bag itself… It’s everything it says it is…. Very comfy, you can Lay on it longways for a couchbed or turn it and sit in it like a huge chair… it’s very soft and when you ROLL OUT OF IT like I did just to get out of it… it pops right back to this HUGE looking ball circle against my wall… I should take a picture….

    To be honest the girl in picture on Amazon and even the one with the TWO sitting on it…must be a smaller size, maybe just the XL one.. because this XXL one in my personal opinion is a LOT larger than that….

    Well beware of the size you order is all I say…. Expect it to be a bit larger than what you measure once it plumps up and if you live in an apartment…. DO NOT order this sucker for anything other than your living room COUCH…. Seriously… and that is if you can get it through the door.

    I was thinking if I ever have to move this out… I’ll open it…

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