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Classic Brands Europa Wood Slat and Metal Platform Bed Frame, Mattress Foundation, Twin Size

Classic Brands Europa Wood Slat and Metal Platform Bed Frame, Mattress Foundation, Twin Size

The Europa Wood Slat and Metal Platform Bed Frame is the perfect solution to getting a foundation that will fit in small spaces. It is able to ship small parcel and is easy to set up. Just unpack, assemble the frame and place your mattress on top. All standard bed sizes are available, and are sturdy enough to support heavier memory foam or latex mattresses. This lightweight but durable bed frame is designed to replace both your bed frame and mattress foundation. Superior strength and stability from the solid steel black frame combined with flexibility from the 2-inch wide wooden support slats result in a supportive mattress foundation solution. The Europa Bed Frame measures 13-inches high with so there is plenty of extra under bed storage space.

  • Lightweight steel frame with 2-inch wide wood slats for even weight distribution
  • Steel legs with 6 side legs
  • Sturdy enough to support heavier memory foam or latex mattresses
  • Assembly required; easy to disassemble for storage
  • Height is 14 inches and is perfect for under-bed storage

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What customers say about Classic Brands Europa Wood Slat and Metal Platform Bed Frame, Mattress Foundation, Twin Size?

  1. 26 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Throw away your old boxspring! This is quieter and more supportive. 5 stars., January 24, 2015
    Bazuro (Orlando, FL) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    I have a huge dresser bed (the headboard is actually a top-opening storage chest with a mirror behind it, and bolted to either side are large bookends / drawer stands) onto which the bedframe was physically bolted — two metal arms that went longways, connected by two sets of swiveling beams that bolt together in the middle beneath the mattress. It was decent enough, but it tended to sag in the middle, and also ended before the foot of my boxspring / mattress so there was sag on the foot end of the bed in particular.

    I replaced my old bedframe, and my boxspring, with this single slatted bedframe, and I’m very happy having made the switch!

    UNBOXING / ASSEMBLY: This bedframe comes shipped in a very long (like 6+ feet), narrow but very heavy (50 pounds?) box. Inside, it is COMPLETELY disassembled. There are about 20 nuts/bolts (no washers), a few dozen slats and connectors, and the associated metal feet and beams. It took me and a friend about 25-30 minutes to completely assemble it, and it definitely helps to have an extra socket wrench set. This is not something I’d want to do with only the included (stamped metal) wrench and hex wrench, though it is possible. The instructions are pretty vague, but it’s fairly intuitive putting this together.

    PERFORMANCE: immediately upon ditching my old bedframe and boxspring, I noticed two major changes: a) my bed didn’t squeak anymore, and b) there was no sagging in the middle or at the foot of my mattress. Yes! I was worried about this thing wobbling around, because it was slightly flex-y carrying it around, but with the mattress on top it really locks in — especially with the weight of a person or two on the mattress. You can shove the mattress and bed around and it’ll wiggle a bit, but it’s actually more stable than my old bolted-in bedframe, and an added bonus is that it seems actually a little springier now. Having a consistent, even support throughout the entire mattress is SO nice. I jumped up and down on my bed and rolled around and didn’t notice any wobbling or squeaking from the frame; with just your mattress and this platform, your bed will be quiet. This is great if you have a significant other who sleeps over… but also have roommates who might not appreciate any bed noise.

    – have an extra socket wrench / hex wrench set handy
    – assemble the frame first, then attach the feet, then pop in the slats
    – if you have wood floors, consider getting (7, one for each foot) those little furniture pads to keep the feet from scratching the floor. The feet do have plastic pads on the bottom, but they’re hard plastic and might still scratch
    – consider getting a bedskirt for the bedframe. It’s high enough off the ground that the open space beneath is sort of distracting unless you cover it with a bedskirt or something
    – take advantage of the space underneath — it’s definitely ample to serve as extra storage space… great for a small apartment
    – assemble it in the room you want to use it. Once assembled, it’s portable enough, but the slats tend to pop out when you’re maneuvering this through halls or doorways

    BOTTOM LINE: this was a bit of a pain to assemble, but really is a lot more stable and evenly supported than my old bedframe. It’s also quieter, and as an added bonus, I can keep this frame if I end up building my own platform bed. Even with the slats on, you can still access the bolts used to secure the feet, so it’ll be easy to remove the feet and pop this in a platform bed once I end up making one (someday). If you’re looking for a simple, but solid slatted bedframe to support your mattress without the need for a boxspring, this is a great choice. 5 stars from me.


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  2. 11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Nice Platform for Bedding without Box Springs, January 22, 2015
    Doggymcnuggets (Ringgold, GA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    Got this bed frame to put in our guest room for company. Wanted to keep our cost low and this frame allows you to use a mattress without a separate box springs unit. Overall I like the frame and it will certainly do nicely for our guestroom.
    The frame arrived packaged in one long, heavy box. No problem with that, but the box was in rough shape upon arrival with one end completely open – in fact, the box of screws & parts fell out & onto my porch and spilled when I first picked up the box. I don’t blame the manufacturer or Amazon, as it’s impossible to know how or when the box got damaged. Anyway, the product wasn’t damaged and fortunately no pieces were missing.
    Assembly took me about 2 hours start to finish. Putting the frame together wasn’t difficult, though the included allen key was cheap and got stripped early on in the assembly process. No big deal, but you’ll be better served to use your own allen key & wrench if you have them as it will make assembly quicker and easier. The only part of the assembly that was a pain was installing the plastic corner connectors which insert into the ends of the frame rails. It was really, really tough to get them all the way in. Otherwise setup was straightforward. The included instructions are minimalist, but the assembly isn’t complicated so it’s pretty easy to figure out.
    The finished product is all I hoped – sturdy, stable, and seemingly built to last. The legs are bolt on and care should be taken not to bend them when assembling or moving the frame. As long as you only put weight or pressure on them from the top down you’ll be fine. We put a 12″ memory foam mattress on the frame and it supported mattress, myself, and my wife with no worries. The wood slats also provide a very stable and even support that really does provide a fine substitute for a dedicated box springs. It works perfectly as a base for our memory foam mattress. When equipped with a regular sized mattress, it is also exactly the same height as our traditional queen sized bed with box springs & mattress, so it looks and functions just like a traditional bed and provides nice storage space underneath.
    All in all very satisfied. Sturdy, provides excellent support, creates extra storage space – thumbs up.


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  3. 18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy to put together, under storage, good child/guest bed frame., January 21, 2015
    Jack G (Illinois USA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    Comes in a single long heavy box. Assembly is pretty straight forward as long as you pay attention to the bars at the beginning knowing the wood slat holes in the frame need to be facing up when you put the plastic curved end caps on that attach the four piece outer frame together.
    I suggest using a hammer and after getting each corner started, stand on each bar to hold them still and hit plastic cap evenly, then they slip right in.
    Then install metal corner brackets with included allen wrench. All but 8 bolts are the same size for bed and all nuts are same size, easy to grab the correct pieces. Same bolts for center bar. I installed all then tightened, leaving center support loose till I had a few slats in to line up.
    Put the plastic caps on the wood slats and gently use hammer to pop into each set of pre drilled holes in frame. Be sure to install with all slats curve facing up. Install support feet, smaller screws(8×16)for corners, regular sized(8×40) for the center and sides and your done. They have little plastic feet, which are nice if you are installing on a hardwood floor.
    There is no place to attach a headboard. This type of frame allows for you to use a mattress without spring box. It is surprisingly sturdy, I do worry what will happen if one of the slats break. I also wonder about the plastic brackets over time. Spare parts would be hard to come by I think. I did put tools back in plastic bag and tape them to the corner bracket, that way if something comes loose or need to take apart in future the proper tools can be found. This type of frame allows for under bed storage if you need that. It is a good 13″ high. While I was able to put this together by myself in less than a hour, it is pretty heavy and large once together so I would use two people to move it as to not bend the legs.It is a solid, basic frame. Time will tell how long those slats will hold under the weight of two adults. I don’t currently see any listing on weight limit. I ended up with one of each extra bracket.


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