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Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Memory foam provides a great sleeping surface. In normal temperatures it is somewhat firm, but when you lay down, it starts reacting to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape. Then, weight is evenly distributed along the surface, relieving pressure points and helping you to sleep more without tossing and turning.

  • Amazing comfort from body-conforming memory foam
  • Feel like you are floating on a cloud; no pressure points; deeper sleep
  • Mattress layers: 2.5″ Memory foam, 3″ super soft foam with pressure relief system and 6.5″ High density foam
  • Pressure relief system virtually eliminates all pressure points to ensure a comfortable night sleep
  • Certipur-Us certified/10 year warranty

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  1. 30 of 30 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very pleasant surprise! Value and comfort., January 3, 2014
    BfloGuy (Land of Taxes (NY), USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen (Kitchen)
    We bought this mattress when my waterbed mattress of 14 years sprung a small leak. I’d been looking at memory foam mattresses for a while now, and knew I wanted a thicker model with a decent layer of memory foam. I was on a budget, being the week of Christmas when we needed a new mattress…ugh. Best Price Mattress seemed to have low prices and great reviews on Amazon. I studied them for a few hours, compared to other brands, and kept coming back to BPM. I saw this 12″ model had pressure point relief as well. I have a touchy back, and my wife has arthritis, so having good support and a soft surface were equally important. Unpacking the mattress was easy–cut open the box, slid out the bag, slit the bag down its seam, and carried the plastic-wrapped mattress to my bedframe. Laid it in position and removed the plastic wrap. Poof! Within moments this mattress expanded to about 8″. I let it rest for a couple hours, and it was to 11″. I made the bed, which helped warm it a bit more after being on a cold truck in Buffalo all morning. By dinner time, the mattress was at its full 12″, and it was soft to lay on. By bedtime, it was an absolute joy to crawl into bed. The memory foam immediately surrounds you as you gently sink, and you feel your hips supported by the pressure point foam in the middle. I’ve slept like a rock the last few days on this mattress. And for only $239, I couldn’t go wrong! The smell was minimal. No worse than when I bought new memory foam pillows. It dissipates rather quickly, and you get used to it in the meantime. Once linens are on, it’s negligible. I highly recommend this mattress, and to go for the extra couple inches from the 10′ mattress. It does make a difference. On a cold night, it’s a bit chilly crawling into bed, but it warms up fast with body heat. We’ll probably get a heated mattress pad just to keep it more pliable and welcoming for bedtime. But very happy with this purchase!


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  2. 22 of 24 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Do You Like A Hard Mattress?, November 2, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I too was so apprehensive buying a mattress on-line and was quite worried about the whole deal…..here is my experience.

    DELIVERY: The delivery was one day faster than first predicted, as it had to be trucked from California to Florida…..I really appreciated that! The box is approx. 3 x 4 ” and heavy (104 lbs according to the Fed-Ex label) I used a hand truck to roll it 300 feet from my front gate and into the house.

    UN-BOXING: When you open the box, you find a white “duffel bag” inside with a mattress in it…complete with 2 pull cords at the top to close the bag. Very ingenious shipping method! The bag is “perforated” the complete length of the bag and you just “tear along the perforated line and the bag rips open and the mattress pops out! The instructions say to do this because if you cut the bag, you will cut the mattress as well. The mattress is still sealed in clear shrink wrap plastic, and as you remove this plastic the mattress springs to life! I have a pedestal water bed and this mattress is a drop in replacement in Cal King size.

    FIT: I replaced a drop in coil spring mattress, and this mattress definitely fills up the bed frame to the hilt! There was about 1-2″ space around the edge of the coil spring mattress and the bed frame. There is NONE with this memory foam mattress! This new mattress fills every bit of space and wants a little more! It is very tall and filled to 11″ in the first 10 minutes! I was impressed!

    QUALITY: The mattress is tall and square, and the mattress cover is very soft and appears to be of very good quality. I would say the cover will easily last many years.

    COMFORT: This is where the 3 star rating comes from:( In life, everything is based on our perspectives and experiences…..and in this case…..what we are used to. I have been sleeping on a coil spring mattress, covered by a Serta 3″ thick, 4 lb density memory foam topper. That topper is just HEAVEN! In my research, less than 3″ is too thin. More than 3″ and you sink too far in the topper and you lose support, creating spinal alignment issues and back and neck pain. 4 lb density is also the perfect density for support and a plush feel. More than 4 lbs and it is very firm, less than 4 lbs and there is not enough support and the plush feel is not there. I am 5’11 and 200 muscular pounds. This topper has been absolute heaven for about 5 years now. The coil spring mattress needed to replaced because of age and it was not supporting the topper equally like it should.
    After reading so many 5 star reviews on this mattress, I felt that I would not need the topper anymore and would finally get to experience the luxury of a memory foam mattress! After installing everything that night, (it was at full height in 2 hours), clean sheets, high hopes, etc……I finally climbed up into this wonderful beast completely exhausted. I was so tired from an exhausting day, I knew I would sleep like a zombie! WRONG! It was almost comical………It was like climbing onto a rock! There was NO give in the mattress at all! I pulled the comforter up and tried to snuggle in as the best you can on a rock….and waited for my body heat to soften the bed. In 45 minutes the foam softened about 1/2 inch…..maybe. Still…..hard as a rock and NO WAY I could sleep on this thing…..because I have been used to sleeping on the 3″ topper. I finally got up and undid the bed, and went to the spare room and put the topper on top of the new mattress, remade the bed and jumped in. NOW it was HEAVEN! It is way better than with the coil spring mattress……because the mattress is so firm / hard that is fully and equally supports the topper. I have been sleeping like a tiny little baby ever since! The neck and back pain that I started to develop with the old mattress vanished:) Plus it is so tall now, I literally climb up into my bed, and the feeling of a high sleeping nest is just awesome:)

    SUMMARY: I love this new mattress with my 3″ topper installed. I do not think you could improve the feel at ANY price….period.

    HOWEVER, If I just had the mattress and no topper, it would be impossible for me to sleep on this mattress……and I mean no way! It is hard. Did I mention it was hard? I could not ever imagine trying to return this mattress. It is so heavy and impossible to re-compress. The people that find this mattress alone to be comfortable, must have been sleeping on some very uncomfortable beds, or they really like a hard mattress. The reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 1 ……..is because of the build quality, fit, and because of the maximum support it gives my topper. If you have never slept on a 3″ thick, 4 lb density memory foam topper, you have no idea what you are missing, or how comfortable sleep can be. If you want this combo, I would HIGHLY recommend this mattress to put the topper on! If you are just seeking a mattress to sleep on, and…

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  3. 11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    … chance with this one and we couldn’t be much happier. We’ve been spoiled with a Tempurpedic for about …, November 6, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    We took a big chance with this one and we couldn’t be much happier. We’ve been spoiled with a Tempurpedic for about ten years, but went looking for a new one and were stunned to see how much the prices had risen since our last purchase. It was hard to believe that any mattress could be so much better than this one that it could justify being ten times the cost. So, we researched the mattress rating websites, read the reviews, and finally decided on this one after reading that we heavy-weights (no, you don’t need to know how heavy!) do best with a foam mattress at least 12 inches thick (Innersprings were not an option!). My only criteria for a foam mattress was the firmness. Frankly, I would prefer to sleep on a plywood board. My husband wanted something a little softer than our Tempurpedic Classic. I suggested this one based on reviewer comments that it was “firm,” with the knowledge that what most people call “firm,” probably would not be firm enough for me, but soft enough for him. I was actually terrified when I first got on it because it is certainly not what I would call firm by any stretch, however, once positioned, it felt surprisingly supportive. This mattress does not have side panels, so getting in can be a little tricky until the mattress starts to take on some bit of body impression. Falling out will not be out of the question for a few night either! Foam mattresses, especially relatively soft ones, can be difficult to shift around in. For toss-and-turners, it may be tough, but I was honestly so comfortable that my tossing and turning was cut to almost nothing. There was the outgassing typical of foam mattresses. If space allowed, I would have opened it up, allowed it to grow to size and air out, and waited a few days before putting it on, but alas, the comfort quotient made me forget the smell! Standard size sheets will fit this well. If you’ve not had a foam mattress before, please know some are a little warm to sleep in and can get brick hard when the room temperature is cold (until you are in it for a bit). This one is not as warm as my Tempurpedic was and does not get nearly as hard when cold. I’ve you’ve only had an innerspring, you’ll probably hate this for a week, but give it a chance! I was concerned about buying a “bargain” mattress, but after finding out that this mattress is made by the same folks that make some of the pricier brands, I figured the savings made it worth a try. It came tightly shrink wrapped in about a week. I was able to bring the king size mattress up the stairs alone. I would suggest you make sure the bottom of the mattress is down before you open the plastic. I opened it upside down and it was a real pain to turn right-side-up. The instructions said to allow 48 hours for it to grow to proper size, but we slept on it after four hours without issue. It grows to size quickly. My only concern now is longevity, but I figure, it would have cost $3500 to replace my Tempurpedic with a new, comparable model, with the expectation that it would last about ten years. For the price of this one, I could replace it every year and not be any worse off. I suspect the longevity may not be as good as my TP, but will likely give me my money’s worth. Prior to purchase, we were concerned that if we didn’t like it, we’d have to pay to send it back. It may be worth it to find out how much this would cost. I can also guarantee you that you will never be able to compress this to send it back the way it came. I imagine a king size mattress at full size might cost a kidney to return cross-country! We almost bought a Novosbed for this reason, but again, figured that sending this one back would still cost less than the $700 difference between a Novosbed and this one. Overall, we are pretty happy campers!


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