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BEAPCO 6-Pack Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps, New

BEAPCO 6-Pack Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps, New

BEAPCO Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps give home owners 180 days of continuous fruit fly protection. The “food grade”, non-toxic lure solution draws the fruit flies into the see-through traps where they are unable to escape. The patented, conical trap design also prevents the lure solution from spilling out from the traps, if it is dropped or knocked off the counter. Each trap lasts for 30 days with almost no monitoring or maintenance. Once the 30 days are up, simply dispose of the traps in your regular, household trash and replace with a new trap. Simple and effective. Each package comes with 6 fill-able traps and our patented non-toxic Lure Solution. Easy to setup: simply fill each trap with the Lure Solution, up to the fill line and place on counter tops, near fruit or wherever you have problem areas. Proven to perform: secondary testing has shown that BEAPCO’s Fruit Fly Traps capture 2.2x more than other household products.

  • 180 days of continuous fruit fly protection throughout your home (each traps lasts 30 days with 6 traps in each package)
  • Requires no maintenance, Simply fill trap with non-toxic Lure Solution and place near problem areas, Dispose of in trash after 30 days
  • The patented design prevents the Lure Solution from escaping the trap if dropped or tipped upside down
  • The traps are clear to let you know it is working.
  • Testing has shown to capture on average 2.2x more fruit flies than leading household brands.

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