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7″ Decorative Art Roller – Crocodile Skin Pattern


These rollers are great for Home Décor – create unique wall treatments using rollers. Achieve fabulous results fast and easy for the DIY painter. You can create a positive application with applying paint to the surface or a negative application of rolling through any type of plaster material. Great for wall treatments – furniture decoration – cabinetry finishes – ceiling applications and even fabric. Decorative Art Rollers provide the everyday DIYer another tool to add creativity to their projects with texture and pattern on multiple surfaces. Package includes 1 Paint Roller w/ handle.

  • Crocodile Skin Design
  • Decorative Art Roller creates pattern and design on many different surfaces
  • Perfect for the DIY painter
  • Works with any type of paint product
  • Includes 1 Paint Roller w/ Handle

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